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You Are Holy / Joshua Aaron

You_Are_HolyThis is a beautiful collection of Hebrew and English worship music. Joshua Aaron includes a couple of well-known songs using both languages (Oh The Blood/Ho Damo and How Great Is Our God/Gadol Elohai), the perfect complement to the understanding that our faith is rooted in the Hebrew Messiah. The beauty of the language will have you singing along with him, and the familiarity will cause them to stick with you throughout the week. Along with the songs you recognize, you will find several others that may be new to you. This anointed collection will help to bring a holy presence into your day.


English Standard Version Bible with Apocrypha

I recommend the English Standard Version Bible with Apocrypha as a great resource for Messianic and Hebrew Roots readers who want the additional historical books found in the Apocrypha. The English Standard Version (ESV) is an “essentially literal” translation, categorized as “formal equivalence.”

This is a hard-cover book, currently the only way it is published.  Regardless of the extent to which you view the Apocrypha as sacred Scripture, I think you will find such stories as the Maccabees, Judith, Tobit and additional text in the book of Esther inspiring.  The Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Young Men while in the furnace (part of the book of Daniel) are beautiful words of repentance and praise, as is the heartfelt Prayer of Manesseh.

You can read my review of The ESV with the Apocrypha here.


God’s Appointed Times – Barney Kasdan

God’s Appointed Times New Edition: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holidays is an excellent resource for an overview of each of the Biblical Holy Days, looking at their historic and prophetic significance, traditional Jewish observance and suggestions for New Testament believers. Included are relevant recipes, songs, and crafts for adults and the younger ones.  This book starts with the Sabbath and goes through each of the Biblical Festivals listed in Leviticus 23, plus it also includes a chapter on Hanukkah and on Purim.  It is written by a Messianic Jew and keeps the focus on Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ).



Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – Batya Ruth Wootten

primer Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – A Primeris a great introduction to the understanding of Israel in Bible times and this modern day restoration.  If you are just beginning to explore the Hebrew Roots of your faith, this overview of the division of Israel into two kingdoms, the role of both houses of Israel throughout history, and God’s plan of restoration in the last days will really help to make the picture clearer.  It has been my pleasure to call Batya a friend and to have the opportunity to preview her books before publication and even offer thoughts on the content.  This little book is a concise presentation of truth critical to understanding what God is doing with Israel.  This book is available on eBay.


Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkiah_setHere is a complete Hanukkah menorah set, including the hanukkiah, enough candles to get you through the eight day celebration, some dreidles and a booklet with instructions for playing the dreidle game, properly lighting the menorah, making latkes and observing some of the traditions.  Keep in mind this booklet is not from a Messianic perspective, so grab your Bible and do a study for yourself and your family on dedication and cleansing your own temple.  Then fry up some latkes, spin the dreidle and have fun!




Electric Hanukkah Menorah

electric_menorahI use an electric hanukkiah, a modern convenience not available to our ancestors.  It sets in my living room window, and I spin in another light each evening.  While it is traditional to let the candles burn down until they go out, I like this because it stays on all evening and remains visible to those passing by.  I can leave the house in the evening, and see it burning brightly when I return.  Whether a traditional flame or an electric bulb, let the light of Yeshua shine!