Is a free Wealthy Affiliate account right for you? Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership options – a free starter membership and a premium, or paid, membership. Obviously the goal is to get people to sign up for the premium membership, as it takes revenue for Wealthy Affiliate to be able to offer all the great features and the superior web hosting platform upon which the founders have built their reputation.

And clearly “Premium” is the better option, as one might expect. Partly because of the sheer size of the community, the cost of Premium membership is very reasonable, about $1.35 per day when billed annually. For the Premium fee, you get:

    • More training and classrooms
    • More web sites – up to 10
    • More WordPress themes and plugins
    • Host your own domain
    • Community interaction with Site Comments and Site Feedback
    • Keyword research tools

But if you are new or unsure if this is right for you, the Free memberships lets you dive right in.

What do you get with a Free membership?


A Wealthy Affiliate Free membership gives you access to the first 10 classes toward Online Entrepreneur Certification. There are five phases to this training, each with 10 lessons, so you only get the first phase for free. But this is more than enough to get your website up and running. Here are the titles of the first 10 lessons:

  1. Get Rolling!
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online
  3. Choose a Niche
  4. Building your OWN Niche Website
  5. Setting Up Your Website
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content
  8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  9. Understanding Keywords
  10. Your Next Steps

Your Free membership also gives you access to the first 10 classes in the Affiliate Bootcamp. The Bootcamp gets you set up specifically to make money at Wealthy Affiliate. Some titles are similar to the Online Entrepreneur Certification, with these concepts applied to a specific affiliate program. Affiliate Bootcamp has 7 phases, and you get these 10 lessons in Phase 1 with your Free membership:

  1. Getting Started!
  2. Choosing Your Directin
  3. Building Your Website
  4. A Website Look Around
  5. Activating Your Plugins
  6. Getting Your Website Ready for SEO
  7. Your Initial Framework of Content
  8. Understanding the Keyword Research Process
  9. Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews
  10. The Exciting Journey Has Begun

Wealthy Affiliate has 12 different classrooms with new, up-to-date training added daily. As a Free member, you can participate in two classrooms: Getting Started and WA Affiliate Program. These are classrooms that correspond to the first phases of the Certification and Bootcamp programs, so you can constantly be kept informed of new developments and ideas.

So with your Free Membership you get the first phase of two training programs and their corresponding classrooms. These are more than sufficient to get you started. When you learn how this all works, you will no doubt want to upgrade to the Premium Membership and access all the training, classrooms and even live chat help. But you don’t have to do that before you are sure you want to move ahead. You have taken no risks, and you have already tapped an incredible knowledge base.

Free Website

Put this training to use with your free website. You can use your website for the niche you chose in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, or create a website from what you learn in the Affiliate Bootcamp. Either of them can make money!

This isn’t just space on a server or some basic fill-in-the-blank generic template. SiteBuilder walks you step-by-step through the process setting up a real, fully functional WordPress blog. You get a top-rated WordPress theme, and the All In One SEO Pack is included for search engine optimization. Virus and Malware protection are included as well.

With this free site you can get started with your online business. You will start earning, but to earn more you will need to spend a little for the Premium Membership. Premium will give you more money-making websites, the choice of over 3,000 WordPress themes and more than 50,000 plugins to enhance your websites. But you don’t have to do that now. You still haven’t spent any money or invested anything other than your time.


Sitting and staring at a blank page is frustrating. How do you start putting ideas together? With SiteContent, you are provided with a writing assistant that make putting your own words on your web page easier than you dreamed possible.

Working through the provided templates, you get a great layout for your page or blog post. SiteContent suggests where to put headings, keeps track of the size of your article and checks your grammar and spelling. When you are ready, it moves the article to either a page or a post in one of your web sites.

After you upgrade to a Premium membership, SiteContent gets even better. It even checks for plagiarism, so that what you publish isn’t too similar to what someone else has published. That’s a killer for search engine rankings. So for now, just be careful with your content and make it honestly your own. This is just a really helpful addition if you do decide to go Premium.

Is Premium Worth It?

Sure it is. I’ve been a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate for several years now, and I’m not one to just throw money away. The returns are worth the investment, but you may not be ready to do that yet. I would recommend that everyone, no matter if you think you will go Premium or not, start with the Free membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out and see if it is really for you.

This isn’t easy money or some kind of get rich quick scheme. You don’t just click a button and a finished website with keyword-rich content magically appears. You can’t expect to just check your bank account to see how much money you made. It takes effort. And it takes commitment, even if you just keep a Wealthy Affiliate Free membership.

The Bottom Line…

Let me be blunt. You aren’t going to make a lot of money with a Wealthy Affiliate Free membership. But you might not be sure that a paid Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is right for you. So, here is my suggestion:

Sign up for the Free membership, start the training and begin to build your free web site. The Premium price is $49 per month, but if you sign up for Premium during the first week of your Free membership, the first month is only $19. Go ahead and do the first month. Take 30 days and absorb as much of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (all five phases) as you can. Avail yourself of all the Premium classrooms and training possible.

Then decide if this is the best way to go. There are other options out there, some that cost less and have less support, and some that cost more and still have less support and fewer benefits. If you still aren’t sure, try one more month at the regular rate. Now you’ve given it 67 days or so at just about $1 per day. If you don’t like it, or if you feel you’ve learned enough that you can go on your own, cancel with no further obligation and no one will bother you.

Are you ready to give it a no-risk try? Sign up for your Free account at Wealthy Affiliate here.