Here are a few selected resources to help you in your walk with Messiah Yeshua.  Purchasing through the links on The Messianic Light helps support this site and does not increase the price you pay.  Here is my affiliate disclosure.

708679: The Complete Jewish Study Bible The Complete Jewish Study Bible
By Hendrickson PublishersThe Complete Jewish Study Bible pairs the newly updated text of the best-selling Complete Jewish Bible with detailed notes and comprehensive study material to help both Jewish and Christian readers understand and connect with the essence of their faith – God’s redemptive plan for his people. Readers will be enriched through this Jewish reading of Scripture and the revelation of the long-awaited Messiah, Yeshua, throughout both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the B’rit Hadashah (New Testament).
3590111: The Jewish New Testament Commentary: A Companion Volume to the Jewish New Testament The Jewish New Testament Commentary
By David Stern / Messianic Jewish PublishersThe Jewish New Testament Commentary deals with “Jewish issues” that confront readers of the New Testament, questions Jews have about Yeshua (Jesus), the New Testament and Christianity; questions Christians have about Judaism and the Jewish roots of their faith; and questions Messianic Jews have about being both Jewish and Messianic. It is a companion volume to the Jewish New Testament, Stern’s translation from the original Greek into English in a way that brings out its essential Jewishness.


Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel – A Primer by Batya Ruth Wootten is a great introduction to the understanding of Israel in Bible times and this modern day restoration. If you are just beginning to explore the Hebrew Roots of your faith, this overview of the division of Israel into two kingdoms, the role of both houses of Israel throughout history, and God’s plan of restoration in the last days will really help to make the picture clearer. It has been my pleasure to call Batya a friend. Click here to read this book on your Kindle for just 99 cents.


452318: Jerusalem Arise! DVD Jerusalem Arise! DVD
By Paul Wilbur / Integrity MusicRecorded live in Jerusalem, this feast for the senses offers a powerful blend of spiritual warfare and deep Messianic worship. Join renowned worship leader Paul Wilbur for performances of favorites like “Days of Elijah,” “Praise Adonai,” “Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall,” and others. Approx. 60 minutes.
CD18568: You Are Holy You Are Holy
By Joshua Aaron / Galilee of the NationsJoin singer, songwriter, and worship leader Joshua Aaron for You Are Holy, a twelve track collection of anointed Messianic worship. Includes “Gadol Elohai/How Great Is Our God,” “New Covenant,” “At The Altar,” and more.
CD50202: Come Dance With Me, Compact Disc [CD] Come Dance With Me, Compact Disc [CD]
By Joel Chernoff / City of Peace Media Messianic music pioneer Joel Chernoff offers his second solo release, Come Dance With Me. Drawing from Jeremiah 31:13, this uplifting collection includes “Baruch Adonai,” “Let It Flow,” “Save Us O Lord,” and more.

Other Items

266932: Yemenite Shofar, 32 - 35 In. Yemenite Shofar, 32 – 35 In.
Listen to the sacred sounds of the shofar and rejoice in the presence of the Holy One! Imported from Israel, connect more deeply with the roots of our faith with our authentic Yemenite shofar. The sound of the shofar can represent freedom and liberty, can be a reminder of the 10 Commandments given at Mt. Sinai and is used to celebrate the creation of the world. Measurements are taken along the spiral.
144342: Shabbat Candle Holders with Star of David Shabbat Candle Holders with Star of David
By Holy Land Gifts
Star of David design on handsome tabletop candleholder for Shabbat

  • 6″ high, pewter and painted in rich shades of blue with white and gold
  • Metallic detailing
  • Sturdy base
  • For Sabbath observances of the Jewish faith

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