About Me

I grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and came to know Jesus at a very early age. My parent’s instilled in me a love for the Bible and the desire to help others understand what it says. After a successful career as a Product Marketing Manager for a market-leading manufacturer, my wife and I opened a Christian bookstore in my hometown in 1997. With a store full of resources at my fingertips and ample free time (specialized retail in a small town can be very slow), I started to dig. God began to open the eyes of my heart to the truth found in His ancient paths. After five profitable years, we sold the bookstore in early 2003. By this time, we were actively worshipping in a nearby Messianic congregation. Our Father’s purpose for that business venture had been fulfilled in more ways than we could possibly think or imagine.

We’ve been observing Sabbath, celebrating the Biblical feasts, and striving to live a life patterned after Messiah Yeshua for more than 20 years now. I am an ordained minister and active in prison ministry with incarcerated men who have also come to faith in Messiah – some ethnically Jewish and some not. It is truly a joy to share this lifestyle with others who are interested.

I hope the things on this site will help you understand the Hebrew Roots of our faith, encourage you in a deeper walk with the Creator and strengthen your faith in the Jewish Messiah.

May you be blessed on your journey.


Contact me, larry [at] messianiclight [dot] com