The Love of God

This beautiful hymn was composed in 1917 Frederick M. Lehman. The third verse has long been one of my favorites, and its origin is even more interesting.

NRSV Updated Edition Bible Review

This update brings the respected NRSV current with clarity of language and up-to-date consideration of critical texts. Here is a new text edition from Cambridge..

Aviv Barley and the Biblical Year

This year some observed the Biblical new year earlier than others. What does Scripture say about the beginning of the year? What part does barley play?

Best Bible with Restored Names

I was recently asked, “Can you suggest the best Bible with Restored Name?” The debate over names can get pretty heated. What is the best “Restored Names” Bible?

NRSV Updated Edition Apocrypha

This compact edition of the NRSV Updated Edition Apocrypha preserves the accuracy of the NRSV while giving consideration to newer understanding of texts.

Why Does Easter Come Before Passover?

How is it that this year (2024) Easter, on March 31, occurs over three weeks before Passover on April 22? Shouldn’t the resurrection be after the crucifixion?

The Feasts in the Gospels

What Biblical Feasts did Yeshua and his disciples observe? The obvious answer would be, “all of them.” But how and where are they recorded in the Gospels?

The Complete 54-Book Apocrypha

This is one of the largest collections of Apocrypha and Pseudepigraph available. Here are modern literal translations of non-canonical and non-gnostic writings.

Sabbath for Believers in Yeshua

How does someone keep the Sabbath? We are instructed to “remember the Sabbath day” (Exodus 12:8) and to “observe the Sabbath day” (Deuteronomy 5:12). So how do we keep this commandment? What should we do?

Messianic Siddur for Shabbat (Review)

This Messianic Siddur covers the service, blessings and prayers most applicable to followers of Messiah Yeshua while maintaining traditional Jewish liturgy.

Complete Jewish Study Bible (Review)

The Complete Jewish Study Bible is a valuable resource for followers of Yeshua filled with study helps from the perspective of Jewish culture and understanding,

Remember The Sabbath (Review)

Remember The Sabbath takes an in depth look in the New Testament to frame a proper view of the Sabbath for Christians – those who choose to follow Jesus Christ.

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Three signposts

Is all this new to you? Let’s get started on an exciting journey!

Experience The Sabbath

Sabbath Candles and Challah

How should a follower of Messiah Yeshua observe the Sabbath?

Celebrate The Feasts

Three Feasts - Matzot/Shavuot/Sukkot

What are the Appointed Times and how do we observe them?

Bible and Book Reviews

Hand turning Bible pages

Bibles, books and other resources to help as you pursue this walk.

The Two Houses of Israel

Two Sticks Ezekiel 37

Who is Israel and does it matter to us today?

Messianic and Hebrew Roots Topics

Messianic Seal

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