One New Man Bible

Publisher: True Potential Publishing

From the Publisher:

Why The One New Man Bible?

  • Brings a greater understanding of and appreciation for the power given to believers for their daily walk.
  • Brings out much of the power that has commonly been omitted from traditional English translations.
  • The Jewish Roots of Christianity come to life in The One New Man Bible!

The Details

The Old Testament is “edited from a public domain English translation” by Rev. William J. Morford. Exactly which public domain English translation is not specified. In this translation, the Divine Name is represented by LORD. The book order of the Old Testament follows the Jewish tradition, as do the verse numberings.

The New Testament is translated by Rev. Morford using the UBS Greek text, 4th Edition. It was previously published as The Power New Testament in 2003. In the New Testament, the name of the Messiah is printed as Y’shua. The Divine Name does not appear in the New Testament.

The One New Man Bible has the weekly Torah portion readings marked in the text, and at the end of each portion the Haftarah readings are listed.

My Personal Thoughts

I have read the entire Bible text, Old and New Testaments. I found the sentence structure to often be very awkward, and sometimes the sentences are incomplete. I think this is probably done to make it a more literal translation and keep the same Hebrew word order, but it does not always work well with the English language. I found myself re-reading a lot of passages because they were so awkward.

There are a few things in the layout of the text that make this Bible a good resource for study but not so much for general reading. Throughout the text, the divine name is shown as LORD*. I found myself looking for some kind of footnote to go with the asterisk, but there is none. According to the preface, the Hebrew negative imperative is printed in bold text, but bold naturally draws attention to this text where there may be no reason at all to emphasize it over other text. He inserts the words “I AM” (all caps) numerous times where there is no reason to render the Hebrew as anything other than just “I.”

There are many study notes, an extensive cyclopedic glossary and a good list of English proper nouns with their Hebrew equivalent.  Cross-references are printed in the text in parenthesis ().

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