The ISR Scriptures

The Scriptures (2009 Edition)

Publisher: Institute for Scripture Research

The Old Testament is translated from Kittle’s Biblia Hebraica, a Masoretic Text. According to the publisher, “”The Scriptures” were originally translated by Dr. C.J. Koster, with the aid and support of other scholars and textual experts from both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds in different parts of the world.” In this translation, the Divine Name is spelled out in Hebrew letters – no English translation or transliteration is provided. The book order of the Old Testament follows the Jewish tradition; however verse numbering follows the Christian Bible.

The New Testament appears to be translated from various Greek texts. The translator(s) believe the New Testament, which they call “The Second Writings,” were originally written in a Semitic tongue but are no longer extant. In the New Testament, the name of the Messiah is also printed in Hebrew letters with no English translation or transliteration provided.

The ISR Scriptures do not indicate the weekly Torah portions.

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My Personal Thoughts

I found this translation to be a little more difficult to read. There are a lot of Hebrew words mixed in with the English text, including some special characters used to indicate transliteration. It has a pretty extensive section of explanatory notes following the Bible text. I like the two-column page but the text is separated by verses rather than a natural paragraph flow. The 2009 edition is a vast improvement over the 1998 edition.

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