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How to Keep the Sabbath — 11 Comments

  1. It’s 11/6/2020 The Holy Spirit told me to start honoring the Shabbat him March. I stared in May or June. It has very difficult. Nobody will join me. I see my church and many church s not teaching the true word. Things that are being taught are missing the mark. Like the pastor taught on tithing and used Haggai 1:6-10 for a reason to tithe. That has nothing to do with tithes it’s about the rebuilding of the temple. It is also prophetic about the end times the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree not having friuit. And God will destroy the Gentile Kindoms But not those chosen of Israel.

  2. Thank youuuu. I don’t have a congregation, and i don’t know any messianic folks where I live. I do not go anywhere on the sabbath/shabbat. 😀 I have had fellowship with friends online, i know prob not good idea to go online, but i like to be with others, and if only way is online, then I guess it would be ok. 😮 🙂 We had a passover fellowship online and recorded it and it was great. 😀

  3. nice and clever article. Great job. People should know about this day. It is clearly stated in Genesis the day God rested and also mentioned in different areas. My niche is abut spirituality so I need to apply the Sabbath as well because there are times I write every single day and on the 7th day as well.This is wrong. I should rest.

  4. The Pastor of the church I attend delivered a message about this not very long ago. Even God himself rested on the seventh day after creating the earth. So not only does God command it, I also believe it is important to give our body some rest to regain strength and mental stability. Most importantly It is a time to worship God and be thankful for all he has done. Taking a Sabbath day once a week is a good time to grow closer to God.

  5. Thanks for this concise explanation of the Sabbath! I find that when I do not take a Sabbath, not only do I lack all-important rest, but my work during the week suffers as well.

    I’d say it’s safe to say that God knew what he was doing when he instructed us to keep the Sabbath. He knows what is good for us!

    Thanks again!

    • You are welcome, Kiefer, and thanks for the comment. This isn’t a complicated thing, but it is something we need to decide we will do. You are correct, God knew what He was doing – He always does. Now if we would just listen and put it into practice …

  6. Definitely inviting, and resourceful. Have a very dear friend & Brother in Christ who happens to be Born Again from Jewish roots. We have had many discussions that have been remembered as I read the posts on your site. I love the Lighthouse, as we are told that we are a light, and to put it up on a hill. Good job.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Yeshua said He was the light of the world, and also told us to be the light of the world. Be blessed as you let your light shine. I hope you will come back.

  7. As a visitor I would very much welcome learning more about the “Hebrew Roots of our faith” since it is unfamiliar to me. Would you be open to sharing via page that defines and describes a bit more about the Hebrew Roots of our faith? Do you honor the Sabbath on Fridays or Saturdays? With all sincere respect (and since I’m unsure), it would be helpful to know this information so I make sure not to order products on a Sabbath day. Your website is clean and welcoming. I wish you blessings and success now and always. Mitakuye Oyasin! ~ t

    • Thanks, I am working on that. Scripture calls the seventh day the Sabbath, so that would be Saturday on our modern calendars. Blessings to you as you learn.

      • Sabbath begins Friday evening snd runs to Saturday night, because in Genesis, God said “and there was evening and there was morning, the first day”. Friday Sundown is really the beginning of Saturday, the 7th day

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