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Messianic Music from Steve McConnell — 4 Comments

  1. Steve McConnell’s music has been a great blessing to me. My favourite song is Yom Kippur – I love the sentiment and hope contained in it and rarely finish listening to it without an deep and overwhelming sense of God’s goodness. I became aware of his music after learning Hebrew, and wanting to get some Hebrew worship songs.

  2. I just love everything Steve McConnell produces. Love his voice and arrangements, choice of instruments. His music lifts me and brings great joy. I wish I could acquire all his CDs, I only have We Delight and Yeshua and am very blessed to have them. Thank you for this website.

  3. Thank you for this! We have been so deeply touched by his music. And, like you, have been unable to find much about them.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the translations.

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