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On Tithing — 2 Comments

  1. I believe that tithing should not be imposed on believers in Yeshua but that they have the obligation/debt of love and must participate in the growth of the spread of the gospel of Christ, freely, according to their availability. Experiencing the saying: there is more joy in giving than in receiving… as Christ gave himself, so you also give. And to those who impose an economic tax, passed off as tithing, with the excuse of supporting the ministry and the minister, we recommend reading Paul’s words: those who do not work do not even eat. If a community sets out to support a minister, truly Anointed by God is free to do so, but this is not the law of Christ. In the same way the anointed minister will not ask anything for which he was sent to preach, as a minister of God and not to ask for money. This is his honor, to serve God.

    Also I wanted to ask if it was possible to receive an interlinear bible PDF format I would like to translate it into Italian. Shalom.

    (Translated by Google Translate)

  2. Thank you. I have heard similar teaching before. Of course the churches disagree. Can you please confirm that the second tithe was eaten (as a feast) with guests by the tither. Was any given away and not included in the feast?

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