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  1. Gees,who can afford the “Prayer Book and Life Cycle Guide for Messianic Believers in Yeshua”? $314.00?

    • I am sorry you found the Prayer Book and Life Cycle Guide for Messianic Believers at such a high price. It appears to currently only be available from a third party seller at an inflated price. I have reviewed another Siddur, the Messianic Siddur for Shabbat by Daniel Perek. You can read that review here. It is on the sidebar of this site (or at the bottom if you are using a phone). Please consider this one instead.

  2. All the Appointed Times are dependent upon the Lunar cycle and the Sabbath is not. The Sabbath is a part of the Ten Commandments, none of the Appointed Times are. The Appointed Times are not utilized during the 40 years (but actually 39 years) of the Wilderness, other than the one and only time in the 2nd year, just before they sent the 12 men from the tribes to spy out the land and the 10 spies brought an evil report and then they were made to wander 39 years in the Wilderness. This also allowed Moses’ two sons to partake in the Passover before they would embark on the proposed journey to the Land of Promise. Though they did not do Sukkot during the Wilderness journeys, they instead lived it. So before they even travelled a mile after their stay at Mt Sinai, they were living (staying in tents) on a day to day basis, the actuality of Sukkot. I read where the first word of the Bible, Bereshit, can spell out some very particular phrases when the letters are re-arranged. “Yere Shabbat” (Revere the Shabbat) and also “Shavta” (Did you return). Yom Kippur is called the Sabbath of Sabbaths and the ancient Sages taught that if the Jews could keep two Sabbaths, the Messiah would come. In other words, if the people could actually and fully return, the Messiah would also.

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