Ten Days of Awe – Ten Days of Prayer – Day 5

Today, 5 Tishrei, is the fifth of the Days of Awe.

Day 5: Pray for the safety and well-being of those of Judah who have returned to the Promised Land; pray their hearts will be turned toward their fathers and that angels will be given charge over them (Isaiah 11:11; Luke 1:17; Psalm 91:11). Pray that even as the Father has gathered for a second time the dispersed of Judah, He will restore their fortunes. Pray that the Father possess Judah as His portion in the holy land, and again choose Jerusalem. Pray that He enter into judgment with those who harass Judah and Jerusalem. Pray that Judah might be healed of the hurts she experienced in her dispersion (Isaiah 11:11-13; Joel 3:1-2; Zechariah 2:12).

Taken from Israel’s Feasts and Their Fullness by Batya Wootten, available for purchase at Amazon or directly from the publisher here.

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