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The Anointing of Donald Trump — 3 Comments

  1. I do believe This.
    President Trump actions have loved it.
    God bless our beloved President Trump and his family .

  2. Your research on this subject seems more than adequate. I am aware of the some of the Biblical examples you cite regarding events in the Tanach. But I know little of the history of kingdoms outside Judea and Samaria during ancient times. I was unaware that Dr. Michael Brown had made such a comparison, but I’m not surprised that others have ‘jumped on the bandwagon’, so to speak. Regarding Presidents Obama and Trump, I wholly agree with your assessment for each, which leads to my question. Since much of America remains in rebellion and blatant sin, can President Trump’s continued leadership in the current direction turn the nation around? Care to speculate on the future for Believers in America should he not be re-elected?

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