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Tree of Life Version Bible Review — 2 Comments

  1. The only things I do not like about the Tree of life version is the use of the word fortunate in place of blessed. Fotunate primarily conveys luck to the average person. eg How fortunate are those who read and hear in Revelation. How ever this just my opinion and fixed it with the help of a pen. It is my primary Bible.

    I am not sure That Yeshua would have spoke to Paul in Aramaic. If Aramaic was the predominant Hebrew language then why was this not listed on the cross. However a pen again fixed it for my own use. I am no scholar so just using I guess what I choose. Good overall review though. Thanks. Nice to see balanced non slanderous reviews.

    • Thanks for your comment. I noticed the use of that word as well, primarily in Revelation and a few other places as well. The Greek word is also used in the familiar “Beatitudes” of Matthew 5, but there it is translated as “Blessed.” Every Hebrew New Testament that I have seen uses the word ashrey, which is the same word that begins several of the Psalms, including Psalm 1. There it is most often translated as “Blessed,” although a more appropriate word might be “Happy” (to distinguish it from baruch). This is one of the reasons I like to read a variety of translations.

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