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The Sons of Korah — 6 Comments

  1. This is amazing…
    Yahwehs timing is pefect… we just sang BETTER IS ONE DAY IN YOIR COURTS not even 30 minutes ago… almost in tears as I read this. Thank you larry…

    • Hey Harry, I’m thrilled that our Father would use this to encourage you. May you and Mel be abundantly blessed as you stay in the center of His will reaching people on the Extreme Tour.

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  3. Hi Larry,
    This is a very clean site. No pop up ads, ad rotators, or opt in ads. I like that you give us the opportunity to “Read”. It’s nice to see a site thats main objective is not to get me to “Buy their stuff”. I am interested to see how you rank with Google, and what time frame it took to get you to that point. Great job.

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