5784 Calendar with Gregorian Months

Each year The Messianic Light makes available a Torah Portion Calendar for the annual Torah reading cycle. The calendar follows the Hebrew months, beginning with the seventh month Tishrei when the new cycle starts. The annual Torah Portion cycle begins and ends following Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. We encourage readers to think in terms of the Hebrew months while going through this reading plan. Weekly Torah Portions are posted at MessianicTorahPortion.com.

Gregorian Months

This year we are also publishing a Torah Portion Calendar that follows the regular Gregorian months (January through December) with which we are all familiar. It begins with September 2023 when the seventh Hebrew month begins. It concludes with October 2024, the end of the Torah reading cycle.

This calendar also identifies all the Biblical Feasts and related observances in a format that will be easier for most of us to recognize. Each day of the Hebrew month is identified on the corresponding day of the Gregorian month. And although the Feast dates appear to “float” from year to year on this calendar, keep in mind that they are consistent and fixed when using the calendar that the Torah describes.

For the sake of unity, the Hebrew dates shown are based on the Hillel (Jewish) calendar. If you keep a different calendar, those dates may not coincide. However, the pattern of Torah readings should not vary.

For more on the cycle of Torah readings and Feast dates, see my post on the original 5784 calendar that follows the Hebrew months.

Download the Calendar

You can download the calendar for the Hebrew year 5784 using Gregorian months here. From your computer, right-click on the link and save the PDF file. You can print the full-sized pages or choose the “booklet” format from the print dialog in your PDF reader to create a smaller sized calendar. I’ve designed it to print very nicely in the booklet format.

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