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  1. We have been celebrating Chanukah for over 20 years. Not so much involved now as our children are all grown and gone, but I still recognize it as one of God’s later Holy (8) Days. There are some latter day indications within the festival, maybe dealing with the idea of brother against brother, as the war with the Syrian Greeks also contained within it the Jews that sided with the Greeks against the Maccabees in their battle to free the Temple, Jerusalem and Judah. It is happening today especially in America.

  2. Hi, as someone who celebrates Chanukah (and it’s my favourite holiday), I found your article very interesting, and definitely unique here. I have never heard of the Hebrew Roots Movement. Can you enlighten me please? One little comment about the letters on the dreidel – sham means “there”

    • Hi Hindy, thanks for the comments. In a nutshell, which really does not do it justice, the Hebrew Roots Movement is drawing of Christians back to the faith practiced by the early followers of Yeshua (Jesus), who was of course Jewish. I hope to write more about it in upcoming days. Thanks for the clarification of the phrase “a great miracle happened there,” I have corrected that.

  3. Hi Larry, I found this article very interesting. I was not aware that Messianic Jews followed the teaching of the Apocrypha. Is it something you use for historical value, or do you consider it the inspired word of God and should be in the Bible.

    • Thanks, Christian. Although it is not a part of the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), it has the most well-known accounts of the Hasmonean Dynasty written from a religious viewpoint. Many of the books certainly have historical value. Biblical Inspiration is a very deep topic, and the responses you would get to that question are quite varied. Books from the Apocrypha are included in various canons of Scripture, and those canons differ one from another. I am recommending them for historical value, and leave the rest up to the reader. I have a review of one Bible that includes the Apocrypha here.

    • This might be a little late, but did you know that the Messiah also quoted from the Apocrypha? “O Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered you…….” The Messiah and all the other writers of the Apostolic Scriptures also quoted the Book of Enoch, the man translated by God, that he should not taste of death. It is recorded that only him and Elijah were done this way. Yet it is Elijah and Moses (who died and was buried) that were present when Yeshua (Jesus) was translated before Peter, James and John.

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