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  1. I was raised Lutheran & I have been a practicing Pentecostal for 30+ years. Through a variety of study means I have come to the conclusion that the organized “SUNDAY” church does not belong to the Lord because of a lot of reasons from it’s emphasis on OT tithes (to build denominational buildings & pay salaries), to the divisive nature of denominations/non-denominations, to the unbiblical origins of communion (versus a Last Supper, Corinthian Love Feasts), to the unholy practice of Halloween, Christmas & Easter celebrations; while ignoring the Jewish Feasts. Even how the Catholics worship Mary while the Protestants ignore her altogether. My wife & others think I have flipped & on the rare occasion I attend my former (my wife’s current) Assembly of God people act like I have returned to the promise land. I use to be an ordained independent Charismatic minister & I have a D.Min. from a loosely based Baptist independent seminary. I hate titles & I prefer the name MICHAEL. I could be the Rev. Dr. Michael Quay which is such hypocrasy; yet I spent most of my time working with children. I have NO ONE to start a home fellowship with (E. Hawaii is not a large population base). I feel so alone! I see the hypocrites making their millions from Baptists to Charismatics (My wife calls me judgmental).

    • Hey Michael, it can be difficult when people don’t always understand where we are coming from. Maybe you can start just inviting people to a Bible study, not making it specific to the new things you’ve learned, but just discussing them as they come up. Now might be a good time to start planning, then start right after “Easter” so you don’t have that controversy. At that point, you would be leading up to Shavuot/Pentecost, the one Biblical festival that is observed in the organized church. This might even give you an opening to talk about the fall Feasts before the churches start getting distracted by Christmas.

  2. Thanks for this article. You describe how we are feeling in our christian church. My husband keep saying to stop going to it and begin in our house just us. But I am so afraid, what if it doesn’t work and doesn’t help our kids. We have 3, a youth, a teen and a child. The same minded fellowships are really far from us. We live in Puerto Rico. Thanks again and prayers for his guidance.

    • Thanks for the comment. You may want to consider beginning a home fellowship before you leave your church. Use the opportunity to invite church friends to your Sabbath Bible study. You might even find that there are others searching for the same thing as you but they have never expressed it.

  3. That was quite insightful and I would like to that. My question would be, how to start one up, if you do not attend a church or go to a synagogue?

    • Thanks for your comment and question, Myra. Most all home fellowships start out small – maybe just you or your family and a friend or other family. Come together on the Sabbath and set aside time together specifically to worship by singing or listening to music, reading Scripture and sharing or studying together. Then invite another friend or family to join you. There isn’t a set formula, and different things will work for different fellowships. Remember that starting the fellowship is a secondary focus – your primary focus is to honor the Father and observe the Sabbath. I pray you are blessed as you do so.

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