Why I Read The Torah Portion

For several years now I’ve been reading the weekly Torah and Haftarah portions along with a related selection from the New Testament. Of course, I’m not the only one. Reading the Torah portions has long been a practice in the Jewish community and Messianic Judaism has continued the custom. As other Messianic and Hebraic groups … Read more

Tom on Vayikra

From time to time I am blessed by a letter from my friend Tom that includes a summary of something he has been studying. Tom is a Messianic Jewish believer in Yeshua and is currently incarcerated. This week I received something from him about Torah Portion Vayikra. We don’t always agree on everything, but it … Read more

O God Our Help In Ages Past

Here is a beautiful hymn written by Isaac Watts almost 300 years ago. The lyrics are based entirely on Psalm 90 and were composed at a time when the songs sung in church services were almost always the actual words of Scripture. Psalm 90 is the only Psalm attributed to Moses.  The title of this Psalm, which … Read more

Abraham Wasn’t a Rolling Stone

“I can’t get no satisfaction.” – (Jagger & Richards)

Father Abraham sang a different tune. This week’s Torah portion tells us that at the end of his life, “Abraham breathed his last and died in a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied with life; and he was gathered to his people” (Genesis 25:8).

Our World and World of Noah

Psalm 14 and Psalm 53 are nearly identical Psalms of David. Reading or hearing the same thing twice might be an indication it should be given a little more attention. Both begin with the same declaration: The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” “The fear of ADONAI is the beginning of … Read more

Preparing for the New Torah Cycle

In a few weeks it will be time to restart the Torah reading cycle. Every year at the conclusion of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, we celebrate Simchat Torah, a Hebrew phrase that means “rejoicing in the Torah.” The final Torah portion in Devarim (Deuteronomy) is read. If an actual Torah scroll is used, it … Read more