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The Making of Messianic Bibles — 4 Comments

    • Hi Ron. I am not aware of a Messianic translation from the TR, though there may be one. There are several that are adapted from the KJV, usually just by changing a few names.

  1. I like the JPS and Stone Edition, but none of the others. I read mostly from the KJV but have the Hebrew and Greek texts to fall back on when doing more in depth studies. Plus, the use of many Hebrew language studies by Rabbinical and accredited Jewish Hebrew teachers. I also have many, many videos by Jewish Hebrew teachers that are a great help. I have books that give in depth studying of the Holy Days and what their effects have been in the past, present and possibly the future. I am not better than anyone else, but I am better than I was yesterday. I try to take life a day at a time, one letter a day at a time, one word, one phrase, etc., one day at a time. Did you know that the first word of the Bible “Bereshyit”, when re-arranged gives us the phrase “He made them in Six” and that re-arranged again, gives us “Revere the Sabbath”? The first and last letters of the Torah spell the word “LeV” (Heart). Unless we place these words in our heart they mean nothing. Out of the abundance of the “Heart” the mouth speaks. There are 32 teeth in a normal mouth and how we communicate, and this is the numerical value of the word “LeV” (Heart). All this, and so much more, is not by coincidence.

    • Thanks so much, David! You are right, this is not a coincidence and the more we study the more God confirms His word. I appreciate your insight.

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