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The Stars and the Sand – Two Houses Part 2 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Larry. I got caught up reading many of your recent posts and as time permits, I intend to read them all. I do not know a lot about Messianic Light but the subject matter really caught my eye. I was born into the catholic faith and I have always believed in Christ Jesus as our savior but never understood the self righteous piety these men of the Catholic faith bestowed upon themselves or the church they represented. I studied the bible elsewhere for a couple of years and came to know a more personal side of God & Jesus but since have, how do I say this? stood beyond the light for the last 20+ years. What I’ve read so far, is enlightening, as I always thought there had to be a connection between the Jewish & Christian faiths that, together, would bring us into the presence of our maker when he returns. Does that make sense? anyways, you may have shone a little light in my direction, as I have always been a seeker of truth so I will be reading your older posts as well as looking forward to your new ones. Great site!.


    • Hey Mark, I am excited to read your comment. You are right, there is a connection and it goes back even further than the time of Jesus. You are in the right area with these three articles on the Two Houses of Israel, and I also highly recommend a 99-cent Kindle book that I discussed here. May you be blessed in your pursuit.

  2. Wow! What a way to take your passion for the Bible and create a site now and doing something that talks about your interest and genealogy. I am always interested when others who believe in creationism are able to write down their own interpretations and understanding which always allows you to look at things through a new “light”.Great job on the contents and the website looks good.

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