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The Prodigal Son – Two Houses Part 3 — 6 Comments

  1. Shabbat Shalom Larry.
    I’ve not heard this version or explanation of the Prodigal Son before.
    Thank you so much for your time and research.
    The more I study and read with the correct context in mind, I feel stronger and closer to our Father, but at the same time, further from those I love who show no interest in such things and want to cling to the modern views.

  2. Hi Larry,
    Thanks a lot for your discussion. Indeed, cleaned up and covered up yet ungodly “Christian” traditions will not do.
    I’live try find time to also read your 2 suggested postings.
    Good evening.


  3. Hi,
    Nice post that one is and I like how it is encouraging the lost and those that have fallen from the faith to come back to their senses, repent and be reconciled to the Father- who is always seeking reconciliation with the whole of mankind. I wish many would read this post and be encouraged, too.
    Maybe to point out about ordinances, there are indeed many rituals and religious things that people do thinking they are pleasing God. What they do n8rth know is that they grieve Him.
    Let’s all concentrate on the weightier matters of the law- mercy, justice, and faith in Christ the Messiah. 1 Cor 7 says if you were circumcised before salvation, seek not to remove evidence of your circumcision and if you were not circumcised seek not to be. In other words, as Gentiles, we cannot concentrate on how much of Jewish ways and ceremonies we have that far learnt to keep. Rather, is our focus on Christ alone and on the power of His resurrection?

    • Thank you, Boniface. I will totally agree that our focus must be on the Messiah. Certainly not everything Jewish is pleasing to God any more than is everything Christian. I hope you had the chance to read my other posts on the Two Houses and the Fullness of the Gentiles. Our return must be to the things that God commanded, not to Jewish traditions. Embracing pagan practices, even if they are cleaned up and called Christian, doesn’t cut it.

      Notice that in Ezekiel 37, when the two sticks are rejoined, that the stick of Joseph (Ephraim) is put with the stick of Judah. It is this house that has preserved the commands, statutes and ordinances God has given, though they have added so many things to them. Jeroboam and the house of Ephraim has strayed, creating its own idols and festivals. We as non-Jews so much need to return to the original faith of Abraham and the commandments given through Moses, not seeking to be Jews, but seeking to live like Messiah Yeshua, the living Word made flesh.

      Thanks for coming back and sharing. I hope you continue to do so.


  4. Hi Larry,
    Great site you have here. The story of The Prodigal Son reminds me so much of my childhood. I was raised Catholic and go to Sunday School with all my friends and cousins. We learned about the Bible and The Prodigal Son always stuck with me. I remember my mom laughing when I packed my tiny backpack with all my toys, planning to run away (and go to grandma). Then she would remind me of the story, drive me over to grandmas for a sleepover and I’d happily come back the next day.
    Thank you so much for letting me reminisce about my childhood. Tonight I shall tell my kids about The Prodigal son.

    • Hi Ann, glad to be an encouragement to you. May you and your children be blessed as you relate the story to them.


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