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Walk! Messianic Devotional Commentary — 4 Comments

  1. Just now ordered my set of the Walk! books. I was able to find them used on Amazon. Don’t know if you will still get “credit” or not but I did use your links.

    • Thanks! You can find some good deals from “Other Sellers on Amazon” using the button on the right side of the Amazon page. Glad you were able to get these.

  2. Awesome, website Larry it is pleasing to see a website of Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, with that being said what can I say. I am very new at this, a few months in. From what I see your theme is very fitting, the layout is wonderful, easy navigation, and your site is filled with the knowledge of the truth. You will see me when I purchase my item’s of Faith, I hope your site rank’s well on google my friend, so be blessed, Jack

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