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Complete Jewish Study Bible Review — 2 Comments

  1. I am new but in a messianic group that is using the Cepher for study. Is this bible along the same lines or would I benefit by purchasing this bible also?

    Judith York

    • Shalom Judith,

      I am assuming you mean Eth Cepher, you can read my review here. This is basically a KJV with editing to suit the publisher’s doctrine. It isn’t something I recommend, and at the moment it is outrageously expensive. If you really need it for this study group, you may want to try it in electronic form here. I haven’t seen this myself, though.

      The Complete Jewish Study Bible isn’t really similar other than that it contains the books of the Bible. The CJB is a much better expression of Jewish thought, and even with the Hebraic terms it is easier to read. If you also want the books of the apocrypha, try this ESV edition. Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees can all be obtained in inexpensive paperback or Kindle editions if you want them.

      Hope that helps.

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