Another One-On-One

The walks closed and I found myself in the room with only one other gentleman, the guy who I had first met two weeks ago. No one in our group is ethnically Jewish – until now, that is. This man told me of his childhood experiences in the Synagogue.


This week our meeting in the prison Chapel room was a bit of a challenge. With some of the men being transferred to another facility, we are now down to just four guys, and they are not always regular in attendance. How many of them will come today, and how long will we be allowed to continue?

Change Is In The Air

I pulled up to the correctional facility this morning with great anticipation. The first week was a chance to regroup with the guys, find out who was still interested in having a service, and see what resources were available for us there. But I wasn’t prepared for what I would find this week.

Back On Track

After more than 16 months absence, today was my first time back inside the correctional facility since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Mid-March, 2020, was the last time we had been able to meet.