A Look At Daniel

Watching the political stage in the United States along with other events occurring around the world can be pretty discouraging. It appears as though there is no possible outcome that does not end in disaster. I really don’t know how someone without faith and confidence in Almighty Yah survives. Recently I picked up a book … Read more

Paul Wilbur Live Recordings – A Review

I love to put on a live worship album and just let it play through. Paul Wilbur’s early concert recordings are among my favorites. These were some of the first Messianic CD’s I ever listened to, and I still enjoy them very much today. Shalom Jerusalem (1995) was recorded live in Jerusalem around the time of … Read more

The Greater Exodus by Monte Judah – A Review

The Greater Exodus Monte W. Judah Talmidim Publishing, 2013 Paperback, 202 Pages I’ve listened to Monte Judah for several years, and heard him over and over again make reference to the “Greater Exodus.”  Hearing him speak, it becomes obvious that this future event following the start of the Great Tribulation is something he expects in … Read more

Review of the ESV with Apocrypha

I recommend the English Standard Version Bible with Apocrypha as a great resource for Messianic readers who want the additional historical books found in the Apocrypha.