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Shavuot for Believers in Yeshua — 1 Comment

  1. I am so glad I read this description of Shavout on this Sunday night June 5th the same day that ,after 11 years of homelessness, being allowed to survive in a rotted out trailer, no water, no heat , no toilet, I’ve been asked to leave and have no place to go to. I found Yeshua at age 24 and now at 66 find myself without a home, wife, and little resources to continue living on. but the lord has taken me this far and He will take me further till His return. suffering from anxiety disorder since 9 has not helped nor a few other ailments I’ve acquired along the way! I could go on but it would be lengthy! Just amazing that the Lord would lead me to this site on thee very night of my soon departure from here! Like the Israelites at Mt.Sinai on the 1st Shavout. In some mental anguish I write this! Yeshua be glorified1

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