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  1. Shalom! My wife an I are Christian missionaries in Mexico. We love our Jewish brothers and sisters and the Jewish routes of our faith.

    After 2 years of desiring to join a prison ministry group my prayers have been answered. A new cel block was open to serve in and they were in need of more volunteers. As we know there is no word for coincidence in Hebrew. I was blessed to meet Jerry a Messianic Jew in my block that I serve in. He also speaks perfect english as my spanish is still very bad. Please lift him up in prayer and any advice on how to serve him better would be appreciated.
    Dios te bendiga

    • Shalom Rich,
      Praise Yah that this opportunity has opened up for you. I pray you are blessed in your efforts. To the extent possible, I encourage you to minister to those on the inside just as you would to those not incarcerated. Of course resorces are usually limited, but try your best to make the worship and study time “normal.”
      Please pass along our greetings to our Messianic Jewish brother, Jerry. I recommend that you encourage him to follow the Torah reading cycle, of course incorporating Yeshua and the New Testament. I have a calendar here that you are welcome to use. Also encourage him to celebrate the Biblical feasts, and this will be a great opportunity for you to do so along with him!
      Always keep Yeshua at the forefront and do not fear.

  2. Shalom am contacting your ministry on behalf of two inmates that’s hungry for the WORD OF GOD do you have a newsletter or study materials for inmates and prisoners?

    • Thank you for your comment. All of my ministry has been in person or one-on-one correspondence with those who I had previously ministered to in person, as they often move from facility to facility. At this time I am not aware of a Messianic ministry that has a newsletter. If you find one, please come back here and comment again.

  3. Mr. Schmidt,

    Shalom! We have communicated in the past before, and at that time I had several questions that you answered. Today, I feel compelled to ask you, how can I start a Messianic Prison Ministry. My heart is calling me to remember the incarcerated but there aren’t any materials online to assist with this endeavor. I do hope and pray that you can be of assistance. Thanks in advance.

    • Shalom Veronica,

      May Adonai bless you as you pursue this. I suggest you start by letting the Chaplain or Volunteer Coordinator at one or more nearby facilities know that you are willing to help. You will probably need to go through a background check and orientation before you can meet with prisoners. Then just go in with a Bible study. Make sure it is organized and that you have prepared ahead of time so that you are in control of the topic. For Messianic Bible studies, I think following the weekly Torah portions is a great idea, always tying it to Yeshua and the New Testament. For many years, my go-to resource for this has been the Walk! series of devotionals by Rabbi Jeffrey Feinberg.

      Be a little cautious of some materials you might find, and be aware of other groups that may also be in the prison system that some might associate with you. Among the largest are the Assembly of Yahweh (Buffalo Bill “Yisrael” Hawkins of Abilene, Texas) and the Black Hebrew Israelites. These groups teach confusing doctrines and can be very divisive. Don’t partner with them; go in and conduct your own Bible study.

      Finally, if you are going to a men’s facility, make sure you always go with another male volunteer. I would offer similar advice to any man going into a woman’s facility.

      Let me know how it goes.

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