Killing Shechem

This is not the time, while new people are still experiencing the agony of the “circumcision,” to attack, wound and kill our brothers and sisters over the infusion of paganism into this season.

What About Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving turkey with trimmings

It is thrilling to discover the Biblical Holy Days and begin celebrating them. At the same time, many who study the Feasts of the Lord also come to the realization that some of the other days they have observed in the past may not really be pleasing to God. A growing number of Christians, learning … Read more

The Sons of Korah

Buried in one of the census listings in the book of Numbers, in with all the names so difficult to pronounce that we usually just skim over them, is one short but remarkable sentence: But the sons of Korah did not die (Numbers 26:11).


Playing outside before dinner
Still wearing her Sunday best
She gathers up foliage
Held tightly to her chest

Is Hanukkah Biblical?


The next “feast” is Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication. But is Hanukkah Biblical? Should a Messianic believer, especially someone who isn’t Jewish, celebrate it?