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  1. My Name is Mark I’m single no family OK and know absolutely no one that celebrates these feast days can yall please email me or send me step by step instructions on how I can celebrate these feast days and God approving of it some of these feast are week long events and there is no way I can take off work for a week at a time can you help

    • Shalom Mark,

      When I first started keeping the Biblical feasts I thought there was no one else around. After a while, I began finding others and later discovered there were many. Just start by being faithful and doing the best that you can.

      There are a few articles on each feast here on The Messianic Light, along with some suggested resources. Most of the books you can sample on Amazon to see if they interest you.

      As for taking a week off work, that is certainly not a Scriptural command. There are only seven days during the year (besides the weekly Sabbath) when we are told to not do our regular work: the first and seventh days of Unleavened Bread, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, the first day of Sukkot and the Eighth Day.

      Passover, First Fruits, and the days in between the “sabbaths” I just listed are not days you must take off. Hanukkah and Purim aren’t even commanded at all. Celebrating feasts is not meant to be a burden and you should not feel obligated to take a whole week off just because someone else does.

      Be blessed in your efforts!

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