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    • I’m sorry, it appears that right now the Prayer Book and Life Cycle Guide is only available from third-party sellers and the price has been inflated. I have the daily Scriptures posted at my site, Counting the Omer. Thanks for reading.

  1. I’m having trouble finding out when to start counting the omer. Please help?.



    • The question as to when to start has two different answers. Do you fellowship with a group? If so, when do the people you fellowship with celebrate Shavuot?

      If they will observe Shavuot on Sunday, May 31, as many Christian and Hebrew Roots congregations do, then start the count tomorrow (or tonight at sundown). However, if you fellowship with a Jewish or Messianic Jewish community, then you will probably keep Shavuot on Friday, May 29, and would start the count yesterday, the day after the High Sabbath. Scripture is ambiguous and can be interpreted either way. The most important thing is to count, and the best way is to do it in unity with your local congregation (if you have one).

      I discuss this further in my post Shavuot – The Undated Holiday.

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