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How To Increase Your Faith — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Larry,

    I have just reviewed your site.

    The theme is clear and well structured and all internal links seem to function as they are supposed to be.

    Your content is well written and is focussed on a religious faith I don’t share.

    But the presentation made is clear and everything is well written with clear references to the old manner of faith. But I am not qualified to discuss these matters as they are in the realm of faith and I do not have it in this context.

    All links are working properly, as I return to the website when I close the window the external link is opened in.

    This site is very professional with all ingredients to become successful in the time ahead. Continue to write content and improve the ranking of the site and you will become successful with this venture as well!



  2. I often feel that I don’t have enough faith. I’m glad I found this article. I’ve read the story of Moses having his hands supported during the battle. However, I never thought about the deeper meaning of those around him supporting him in his faith. I like that. What a great example for us who need to also support each other in our faith. We all have moments of strength and we all have moments of weakness. Indeed, we must run the race and endure.
    This is a very uplifting and enlightening article. Thanks so much for sharing this. I feel good after reading this. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Hi Larry.
    I am a christian myself, and i think it’s flat cool that someone started a website talking about faith. I honestly don’t believe that i’ve ever struggled to believe that there is a God. What is a bit hard to comprehend is that a God so strong, so Huge, so powerfull would have the time to invest in every individual person. Now that is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Torrey. I don’t think any of us can fully comprehend God or His love for us, yet He cares for each of us. We need to encourage each other in this walk. Come back and visit again.

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